How do you rent a meeting room for a day in London?

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So, you want to book a meeting room for your hybrid team in London for a day of collaboration and perhaps a bit of office-like banter? (we get it!) But you have no idea how to navigate the never-ending options of spaces, with waiting lists and unnecessary hassle. Again, we get you and this is where we come in.

Why you *need* a meeting room…

At FlowSpace, we understand the importance of having a space for your hybrid team to meet up weekly or monthly. That face time is unmatched. We also understand that perhaps you’re looking for something fresh; a space that oozes creativity, helps spark your next revolutionary idea, offers the privacy to discuss important (top secret potentially!) topics, and gives you the benefits of an office without that hefty monthly rental price tag.

You want options, we got options…

Depending on what your team needs, we can help with a variety of different choices; from meeting rooms, private offices, or simply desks in a coworking space. The world is your oyster and we’re here to deliver. Frankly, you deserve the best, just saying.

Renting a meeting room is more than just a room to meet in…

As a hybrid team, we’re sure you understand that sometimes that WFH environment ain’t the one and you need something a little more professional, whether that’s for client meetings or to boost your team’s morale a little (perhaps with a sneaky post-work drinks scheduled in too).

Whatever your reason for a meeting room, the privacy they offer as opposed to your spare bedroom, not to mention the prime location of your choice, is enough to make you realise that it’s more than just a room. 

Booking a meeting room within London will potentially be hugely beneficial for your team as well. With so many gorgeous locations around the city that boast prestigious decor and amenities, you and your team will only be thrilled to venture out there once or twice a week! London is also, of course, the central hub for networking opportunities, and that’s something you can’t get from your spare bedroom. Just saying.

You’ve decided you need a meeting room, but which one to pick…

As we’ve mentioned, the world is your oyster and the possibilities are endless. The type of meeting room you choose is very dependent on how you’ll use it.

For more formal meetings or brainstorming sessions, a good old boardroom can do no wrong. Or perhaps you’re looking for something bigger, something that’ll allow you to host a large group. A conference room is your best friend then. On the more casual hand, you could want a creative space that draws out your team’s best ideas. Maybe a few desks in the heart of London’s art scene neighbourhood is for you.

Whichever meeting room you pick, you are guaranteed to enjoy the necessities, such as any tech support, great internet (a must, obviously), equipment for any presentations you need to do, plus coffee. Or tea. Endless amounts. Because you deserve it. Of course, the meeting rooms are not limited to only these necessities, but these are the big ones.

Other factors to consider when picking your *perfect* meeting room…

One of the biggest decisions to make when you’re on your meeting room hunt is, naturally, where you want to be located. Location is hugely important, depending on where you’re coming from, what you plan on using the meeting room for, and if there’s any post-work arrangements you have planned. Keep in mind tube stations as well! Although, maybe a bit of a walk will help get those creative juices flowing too.

Another important factor is deciding on the size of the room you need. If your hybrid team is small, maybe a few desks will be enough. However, obviously if you’re planning on hosting a larger group you’ll need to opt for a space that’ll accommodate just that.

Something else to consider is the amenities available at different locations. Meeting rooms generally come with AV equipment for any calls or presentations you might want to do, but not every meeting room will offer catering. If this is something you’ll require, it’s definitely worth making sure that it’s available on the date.

Prices can definitely vary. You can find your perfect meeting room from anywhere between £240 – £1200 per day. This is dependent on things like location, amenities, type of room, and number of people, among other things.

You will also have to be aware of the accessibility options, as this will differ depending on location and type of meeting room.

Soooo, how do I book my meeting room?

Now that the nitty gritty is out of the way, the fun part can start: actually booking your meeting room.

Booking your meeting room through FlowSpace is incredibly simple and can be done in minutes. You’ll visit, input the details (such as location, type of room, and number of people), choose the space that speaks to your heart, and request the booking. The great thing about FlowSpace is that you can choose to book for a full day or only a few hours. You’ll be able to invite your teammates to the booking plan and even join their coworking session if they’ve booked any too!

FlowSpace makes it super easy and flexible for you and your hybrid team to enjoy that face-to-face time in a space that suits your needs.

Bear in mind that cancellation policies are in place (we know, it’s the boring stuff, but it’s also the necessary stuff!) Depending on what kind of meeting room you’ve booked, cancellation policies will be different. A great tip is to book in advance as well, especially if you have your eye on a certain space in a certain location. If they’re already booked up, sadly you’ll have to try for another date! *We can’t help it if we’re popular*

Some of our most popular meeting room spaces exposed…

We personally love all of our workspace locations (not biased at all…) but there are a few that we’ve noticed are among the more popular locations based on booking history.

These locations make a lot of sense because they’re very much in the heart of London and easier for most teams to get to. Meeting rooms located in Westminster, Soho, Canary Wharf, The City, Islington, are all extremely popular, which isn’t surprising.

A few examples are Huckletree in Soho, Landmark in Victoria, Techspace in Aldgate East, and FORA White Collar Factory. Though we won’t try and convince you. You should just see for yourself!

What have others got to say…

We’ve had a fair few positive remarks from users in the past, which we’re extremely grateful for! So, just in case you needed a little persuading for your next meeting room booking, here you go:

“The FlowSpace platform gives our team the flexibility to easily book spaces to meet – without the headache of multiple expenses and invoices.” – Rowan Bailey, COO Workbounce.

“Our team morale has never been higher – every meeting feels like a cool offsite!” – Rachel Gimbert, Head of Operations Kope AI.

Each team is different but for the most part, a lot of the success they experience when booking meeting rooms through FlowSpace comes from the ease of choosing a convenient location for the whole team. When you have a hybrid team that thrives off that weekly meetup to go through KPIs, product launches, upcoming campaigns, or whatever it may be, the right meeting room can help produce out-of-this-world results! And you just know that your team members or other clients experiencing the space with you will feel just as energised.

Ensuring a successful meeting room booking…

Of course it’s extremely important to have the perfect meeting room for your team’s needs, but that beforehand planning is equally as crucial. 

Like any other meeting, having an agenda for discussion points is necessary. Making the most out of your meeting room happens when you plan ahead! Next up, check in with the space if there are other things you may need, such as catering for example, or ensuring accessibility options if you’re hosting a larger group event.

Each meeting room is equipped with the right technology based on the type you’ve booked. Whether that’s a conference room for presentations or a smaller boardroom for some brainstorming. Whiteboards and screens will be available to ensure maximum productivity and collaboration can take place (that’s why you’re there, you know!) A day without screen sharing is a day that needs to be celebrated.

Onto the legalities…

You knew this was coming. As with everything in life, it can’t just be fun and games all the time (unfortunately). There are things like insurance and legal agreements that are necessary for the wellbeing and success of everyone involved.

FlowSpace will not be held liable for any losses or injury experienced during your booking. Don’t forget to consider these when going ahead with your booking.

And that’s a wrap!

You’ve now made the leap into booking your next meeting room for your team and you’re ready to experience the wonderful spaces that’ll help you to connect, grow, and collaborate! What more could you want?

The benefits of choosing a location that enhances your team’s strengths are tenfold. Believe us, we know! And, as we’ve mentioned a few times, that face time with your colleagues cannot be topped. Even if you enjoy a WFH day spent in your pajamas (no judgement) there’s nothing like some office banter and post-work drinks now and then!

To end off, be mindful about the best location suited to your needs and the kind of space that’s going to help your business objectives thrive. Happy booking!