London Business Meeting Space: A Guide For Professionals

June 10, 2024 / date
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Renting a meeting space is becoming common practice among many businesses today as the reality of remote working and hybrid teams becomes greater. Perhaps you haven’t yet delved into the world of coworking spaces, or are currently testing the waters, but whatever your stance on the subject, there’s no denying that coworking spaces and business meeting rooms have huge benefits. Between the flexibility of booking a meeting room for a gathering of like-minded professionals, or a collaboration session with your team, the possibilities are endless.

As more teams across the world take on a hybrid nature, the need for finding and renting a flexible meeting room as and when desired is soaring! And we’re here to share the benefits with you, because as you know, beautiful and functional meeting rooms are our jam.

Choosing the right business meeting space for your needs

The meeting space you’re looking for could be very different from another business’s wants, but something to think about first is location. Depending on who you’re meeting with, picking a location that’s central and easily accessible for everyone joining makes the most sense. Equally though, it’s important to take into consideration transport links or nearby restaurants/cafes for any post-work needs, for example. There are so many great options located in central business districts that can cater to every box you want ticked.

It’s also worth thinking about the kind of ambience you’re going for and the layout you’d excel in. Different coworking spaces offer different atmospheres and professional settings. It could be that you thrive in a creative space, with colour and open plans, where your team or network could meet and produce some mind-blowing work together. Or maybe you’re more of a neutral-lover, where calming interiors and quiet spaces allow you to do your best work and that would be the optimal meeting space for you. Perhaps you like to shake it up a little and enjoy a mix of both!

What are the essential amenities for business meeting spaces

A pretty space is one thing but when it comes to how you’ll make the most out of your professional gatherings, it’s essential to consider the amenities offered at different locations.

It goes without saying that factors such as high-speed internet, advanced AV systems, conferencing technology, and on-site catering, are hugely important in enhancing meeting efficiency, networking events, and the overall experience of your team or professional attendees.

Naturally, you’re going to produce your best work and enjoy an effective networking event when things run smoothly, and that includes not having to waste time troubleshooting technology hiccups or experience last-minute catering disasters in London!

Cost consideration and budgeting

When it comes to the price of renting a meeting space, various factors will affect it such as location, amenities, and size.

Choosing a space within central business districts may be more expensive but the benefit of the location could outweigh that extra cost for you. It’s very dependent on your priorities. Likewise, the amenities could include things like on-site catering, which again may increase the cost, but saves you the hassle of having to organise that privately. All of these are factors which would need to be considered when planning and budgeting for your events.

Costs can vary from £360 for a full day and upwards, however there are ways that you could get the best for your buck. Things like package deals; for instance, paying monthly for a meeting room with access to all amenities at a discounted price. Often there’ll be off-peak options as well where the space isn’t in as much demand and you could enjoy a good discount that way.

Booking your meeting room and preparing for it

Booking your meeting room through FlowSpace is incredibly simple and takes you mere minutes! All you have to do is:

  1. Visit, input the details (such as location, type of room, and number of people)
  2. Choose the space that speaks to your heart, and request the booking. The great thing about FlowSpace is that you can choose to book for a full day or only a few hours. 
  3. It takes up to 4 business hours for a space to confirm if they have an availability.
  4. If the space has no availability, we’ll find you an alternative!

In order to ensure your event or meeting is a success, it’s worth visiting the space ahead of time. Not only would it be nice for you to see the space in person (and hopefully get excited about hosting your team or other professionals there!) but also to prepare any extras you might need on the day, such as conferencing technology and equipment, whiteboards, AV systems, or other specific requirements.

So, now you know exactly what to look for when renting your next meeting room for your professional gathering and can go in head first knowing all the tricks of the trade! You’ll be able to impress your team, make solid connections with other professionals, and enjoy a functional meeting room that’s best suited to your needs.

What could be better?