15 best meeting rooms to hire in London

August 15, 2023 / date
7 min / Reading time
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When it comes to holding successful business meetings in the bustling city of London, finding the perfect meeting room is paramount. Whether you need a professional environment to impress clients or a collaborative space for brainstorming sessions, we have compiled a list of London’s 15 best meeting rooms available for hire. With easy booking options, including hourly rental, these venues cater to various needs and ensure a seamless experience. Read on to book a meeting room in London and make your meetings productive and memorable.

1. Techspace Worship Street

For those seeking a sleek and executive ambiance, Techspace Worship Street is best for hourly meeting room rental purposes. Located in the heart of London’s 25 Worship St, this meeting room offers a prime location for your business needs. With modern amenities and a dedicated staff, it guarantees a professional experience for your important gatherings.

2. FORA – Scott House

If creativity and inspiration are what you seek, look no further than FORA Scott House. Nestled in the Concourse Waterloo Station, this venue boasts a vibrant and modern atmosphere. From comfortable seating to state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, it’s the perfect place for brainstorming sessions and team-building activities so do the workspace room booking from FlowSpace.

3. Mindspace Hammersmith

For a touch of luxury and awe-inspiring views, Mindspace Hammersmith stands out among the rest. Situated in Butterwick, London, in a prestigious high-rise. Impress your guests with this elegant and upscale venue, ideal for corporate events and high-profile meetings.

4. Uncommon Liverpool Street

In this digital age, technology plays a crucial role in business meetings. Uncommon Liverpool Street, equipped with cutting-edge audiovisual equipment and fast Wi-Fi, caters to tech-savvy professionals. It ensures a seamless presentation and connectivity, making it a go-to destination for tech-focused gatherings.

5. FORA – Liberty House

In the midst of London’s urban chaos, FORA Liberty House offers a serene escape for your meetings. Surrounded by classic visuals and natural light, it provides a calming environment conducive to focused discussions and strategic planning best for workspace room booking for meetings.

6. Huckletree Soho

If you prefer a classic yet contemporary setting, Huckletree Soho is a perfect choice. This sophisticated venue blends historical charm with modern amenities, creating an elegant backdrop for your business events.

7. Work.Life Fitzrovia

For collaborative and interactive sessions, Work.Life Fitzrovia is an excellent option. With its work-light layout and flexible seating arrangements, it fosters teamwork and idea-sharing among attendees so to know the hourly meeting room rental explore Flowspace.

8. Space 14 Bedford Square

Located in Bedford Square, Space 14 offers a vibrant and energetic space for networking events. With its stylish decor and well-stocked meeting rooms, it provides the perfect atmosphere to connect with clients and colleagues alike.

9. Techspace Aldgate East

Situated in the south of Shoreditch, Techspace Aldgate East is a very functional space, perfect for startups. This comfy and bright workspace provides the best facilities and amenities. This workplace has nice meeting rooms, great space, and a well-furnished interior. Also, youโ€™ll find an abundance of cafes, bars, and restaurants nearby Techspace Aldgate East.

10. The Space Regent Street

The Space Regent Street is located in Londonโ€™s most famous shopping street in the West End. This meeting room is modern and has connected office space with the benefit of the kitchen, dining spaces, relaxed breakout areas, and all necessary amenities.

11. Work.Life Bermondsey

For a contemporary and trendy vibe, Work.Life Bermondsey ticks all the boxes. This versatile space caters to various events, from workshops to product launches, and boasts an energetic atmosphere that encourages creativity. Also, it’s located at the bustling Bermondsey Street which is full of cafes, pubs, and restaurants to enjoy together with your team after work!

12. Second Home Holland Park

Second Home Holland Park offers a scenic setting for your meetings. Enjoy the appealing interior with loads of plants, positively quirky furniture and always hospitable staff as you conduct business in this picturesque location.

13. Huckletree Oxford Street

Perfect for small groups or private discussions, the newly established Huckletree Oxford Street provides an intimate and exclusive space. It’s ideal for confidential meetings, and creative meetings as the space is colourful and vibrant.

14. Huckletree Public Hall

Huckletree’s Westminster workspace is one of Londonโ€™s most remarkable structures, nestled in the vibrant heart of Whitehall. This workplace is the infusion of contemporary modern aesthetics and the latest styling that reflect the bold new wave of innovators. Youโ€™ll get unlimited coffee, TV, Wifi, phonebooth, and many other benefits.

15. 12 Charles II Street

Located in St James, the meeting rooms at 12 Charles II Street offer you incredible spaces for 6 to 40 individuals. Every room has video conferencing amenities, high-speed Wifi, and great space. The workspace is dedicated to directing seamless meetings, ensuring that each interaction unfolds with utmost precision and efficiency.

When it comes to booking a meeting room in London, the options are diverse and cater to various preferences. London has everything if you need a professional, creative, or luxurious space. Don’t forget to check out the website https://flowspace.co/on-demand to explore more options and book your ideal meeting room hassle-free. With these top-notch venues, your business meetings will be successful and leave a lasting impression on your guests.