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Finding the right workspace
combination for your hybrid team
is next to impossible.

Offices big enough to fit your entire team are mostly empty throughout the week (and very expensive).

Mixing co-working space memberships with stipends for remote staff leads to lots of organisational headaches.

Say ๐Ÿ‘‹ to FlowSpace

A network of inspiring workspaces that can be booked on-demand using in-app credits.

Find the exact space for your teamโ€™s unique needs.

Need a TV? Video conferencing? Large auditorium? FlowSpace will provide you with the perfect space based on your criteria from our network of 1000s of workspaces.

Boost team morale and get more work done.

Encourage better collaboration by letting your team book co-working sessions when inspiration strikes.

Use meeting credits to book the room of your choice.

Make your co-working expenses more predictable by divvying out credits that can be spent inside FlowSpace by each team member.

Teams using FlowSpace are boosting collaboration and team satisfaction

โ€œOnce we switched to FlowSpace, our team got so much more work done!โ€

Freddie Blackett

CEO, Patch Plants

“The FlowSpace platform gives our team the flexibility to easily book spaces to meet – without the headache of multiple expenses and invoices.”

Rowan Bailey

COO, Workbounce

“Our team morale has never been higher – every meeting feels like a cool offsite!”

Rachel Gimbert

Head of Operations, Kope AI

Pay as you go or select a Team plan

Pay as you go

Great for one-off or occasional team bookings.

  • Buy the credits vou need to make your planned bookings – nothing more.
  • Book for yourself or for as many teammates as you wish.
  • Add auto top-up limits for extra control.
  • Credits roll-over.


Team plans

Best for hybrid teams with 10+ teammates who regularly use workspaces.

  • Choose one of our best-selling plans or build one as unique as your team.
  • Choose your preferred billing cycle.
  • Add as many teammates as you wish.
  • Change or cancel your plan anytime.
  • Credits roll-over.


What’s a credit?

Credits are FlowSpace’s unit of currency to enable teams to flexibly use the platform.

  • Credits allow you to book desks or meeting rooms at thousands of workspaces.
  • Diwy out credits to your team so the can book any space – while keeping the budget managed centrally.
  • The price of a credit reduces based on the amount you buy.