Workspace on your terms – A FlowSpace to call home for a week

November 2, 2022 / date
2 min / Reading time
Hybrid teams/ Category

Weekly offices are fast becoming a part of a team’s life – whether you are a hybrid or a distributed team – and it’s great to be at the forefront of such offering.

My name is Amber and I am running operations and customer care here. One of the things I have noticed in the last couple of months is that a lot of teams that work remotely or have teams outside of the UK are now coming together – taking trains or flying in – and they need a space to call home for a week or two. Just recently a company that uses FlowSpace have reached out and told us they needed an inspiring space for one week as a base since their colleagues were coming over from Canada to be with the UK team and wanted a private space that they could collaborate and have some team time together in.

“FlowSpace sorted us a last minute co-working space for the team to get together for the week. Thanks FlowSpace – it was awesome!”

Hybrid work has brought many positive things into the world, connecting teams internationally, being able to live wherever you want/need but team time and human connection can’t be beat or replaced, it still is and will a huge requirement for all the teams out there. So they shared their requirements with us, where they wanted to be, what type of atmosphere they were looking for and how many people when and where were due to come. With that information, we found the perfect space and got the ball rolling on organising their week of the year!

We were able to present them a beautiful, flexible space to call home. The team spent the week at Second Home Spitalfields, which location wise is a dream as there’s plenty of lunch time food options. They had their own office so the privacy they needed was there, without any long term commitments and importantly it was a budget friendly solution 💸 Of course, the best thing was that they could spend time together ♥️ 

At FlowSpace we talk a lot about space when you need it, for as long as you need it. Day/weekly offices are fast becoming a part of team’a life and it is great to be at the forefront of such offering. No one wants to be in a long term contract for an office that does not truly fit their needs, so we were absolutely buzzed when we were able to help our members find the perfect spot and of course we were happy to hear how much they enjoyed their time there!