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Are you looking for a flexible space where you can easily conduct all your operational tasks? Well, you are not alone; today, most professionals in business are thinking outside the box to achieve the same. Of course, you could always negotiate a fixed lease, but this may be outside your company’s best interests. A short-term lease or renting an office space for the day could be the perfect way to start this journey. This way, you can explore your options before deciding which suits your company’s requirements best. Additionally, you will have options if you outgrow the room over time.ย 

Why rent an office for a day? 

If you are a small business owner, your business may not need a monthly office contract. Getting an office for the day or even just an hour could be ideal, whether you need to host potential clients for a meeting or concentrate on an important assignment. Whatever your reasons may be, here are some reasons for renting an office for the day: 

Payment is for only what you use: A good reason why you should rent an office for the day is because you will only pay for what you use. Here, you can budget for office time, plan ahead, and concentrate resources where they are most needed. In addition, there are no unforeseen fees or maintenance expenditures when using the office facilities.

 Location is where it is needed: When you hire an office for the day, location is one thing you need to worry about. Imagine that you work remotely or live in one place but commute to work in another. Thanks to great companies like FlowSpace, a wide range of offices are available wherever you or your client may be. 

Professionalism: In business, you must comprehend the role of professionalism. Do you need to impress a prospective client or investor? Then you need to ensure that your meeting environment is professional but not overly so. One excellent thing guaranteed by hiring an office  the day or hour is that it makes a great first impression.

Meet professionals who share your interests: According to a recent study, 82% of those who use coworking spaces say that it has greatly improved their professional networks. Working in a space with people of the same interests, will keep you motivated hence helps you maximize productivity.

Hire an office space for a day: pros and cons 

It is always best to look into the pros and cons of anything before making a sound decision. You may need to learn more than just why you should rent an office for the day.

The pros are:

This may be challenging if you own the office building where your company is located. However, if you lease an office in a flexible space, you may quickly switch locations or vary the size of your workspace as needed. 

Less expensive startup: With owning an office building come the worries of insurance, maintenance and repairs, and legal fees, among many other things. These are things that may be overwhelming for a small business. This issue is resolved by renting office space, which enables companies to focus on the success of their business operations without worrying about facility upkeep and saves money on maintenance costs. 

The cons are:

 Uniform offices: Note that if you rent an office, you must be okay with the kind of furniture, decor, and colors used to put the office together. You cannot design the office to meet your business requirements.

The cost of renting an office for a day in London 

After gaining knowledge on the pros and cons of hiring an office, your next question must be, “How much do the offices cost?” Here, it is equally important that you understand the factors that may affect the price of an office. These factors include, layout, location, building age and condition, and market demand. For example, when it comes to the size of an office, the bigger the flow space, the more you are likely to pay.. All you have to do is go out of your way to find an office within your budget. 

How much is the FlowSpace day pass? 

FlowSpace is a network of coworking spaces across the UK. You can choose from 1000+ workspaces acc to your and your team’s needs that day. also budget + location! Ave desk rent for a day through our platform is 25 pounds pp. Quotes for renting a private office for a day start at ap:proximately ยฃ30 + VAT per person.

Rent an office for a day: the options 

When looking for an office to rent in London, below are the options you have: 

Desks in a coworking area 

Going for a coworking area might be the best option if you are looking for a hot desk to work on your projects comfortably. It enables savings on expenses and convenience by utilizing shared infrastructures such as equipment, utilities, secretarial and cleaning services, refreshments, and package acceptance services in some settings. 

Meeting room for a day 

You will have your own office room where you can conduct project talks, set priorities, and persuade possible investors comfortably without fear of the invasion of privacy. 

Actual office for a day 

The final option is to rent an actual office for the day. You will likely have an office here that will be open from the morning through the evening. This means you’ll have a full day to focus on the advancement of your company. 

In summary, a one-day office rental allows you to bypass the customary monthly commitments and instead pay a single, flat charge. Consider what elements will make renting from a coworking space advantageous when weighing hourly office options. Meet FlowSpace to discover the greatest solution that meets your business needs for a day.