Convenient Coworking: Top London Spaces with Parking Facilities

June 4, 2024 / date
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Welcome to the wonderful world of coworking, where productivity meets community, and office spaces are as flexible as your favourite yoga class. As more Londoners hit the roads, the need for coworking spaces with parking is on the rise. 

As you may know (unless you’ve been living under a rock… sorry) coworking spaces have become the cornerstone of collaboration, innovation, and flexibility. Now, a coworking space that offers parking in LONDON? Well, that’s gold if you have a car. After all, who wouldn’t want to park their chariot nearby and make that daily grind significantly smoother. Us please.

Why Choose Coworking Spaces with Parking in London?

Why, you ask? Well, picture this: no more crowded tubes or waiting in the rain for a bus. The commuter convenience plays a huge factor in the search for coworking spaces with parking, as you could imagine. The Northern Line on a busy Monday morning? Yep, we’ve all been there. And yep, we’ve all hated it!

Here’s why parking at your coworking space is a game-changer:

  • Reduced Travel Stress: Say goodbye to the public transport shuffle and hello to a smooth, stress-free drive to your desk.
  • Time Savings: Cut out the time spent searching for a parking spot and strolling from far-flung car parks. Park, work, repeat.
  • Convenience for Meetings: Got a lunch meeting across town? No problem! Your trusty car is just a hop, skip, and a jump away.
  • Appeal to Drivers: If you prefer the comfort of your car and the freedom it provides, coworking spaces with parking are your new best friend.

Top Coworking Spaces with Parking in London

Ready to find your perfect coworking haven with parking? Here are our top picks:

Workspace: FBC Clerkenwell

Location: Islington

At FBC Clerkenwell, you’ll come and enjoy not only a light and airy cafe-style space but your car will also have a safe space to wait out the work day with on-site parking.

Whether you’re interested in a day desk or a meeting room to host a group (or enjoy a day of collaboration with your team) FBC Clerkenwell offers you the best of both worlds, alongside filtered water, quality coffee available, and uninterrupted wifi. 

It’s definitely the epitome of casual style meets substance. With that secure parking, your daily commute just got a whole lot easier.

Workspace 2: Paddington Works

Location: Paddington

Health and well-being are high on the list of priorities at Paddington Works, and that includes peace of mind when it comes to your commute (aka being able to drive in swiftly and leave your car without a hitch).

The practicality of this location and the sleek design make it a gorgeous choice when picking your coworking space. There’s even Circadian lighting that’s tuned to your natural body clock (sounds fancy enough right?)

It also boasts secure parking facilities nearby with Just Park. Convenient, just like your morning coffee. With all the amenities you’re getting at Paddington Works, the parking situation is just the cherry on top!

Workspace 3: Liberty Workspace Wembley

Location: Wembley

Enjoy a desk within Liberty Wembley’s coworking space and experience the unbridled opportunities of networking and community. 

The modern design accommodates businesses of all backgrounds and offers a zen-like workspace with the bonus of hassle-free parking. Breathe in the calm and enjoy the ride. Did we mention unlimited tea or coffee, meeting rooms, or fast internet access? You heard it here first!

Features to Look for in a Coworking Space with Parking

It’s all good and well when a space offers parking, but there’s other factors to keep in mind too that could make or break the space for you. So, we’d recommend that when hunting for the perfect coworking spot with parking, keep an eye out for these key features:

  • Security: Look for spaces with top-notch security like CCTV and gated entries. You and your car deserve the best, naturally.
  • Cost: Check if parking fees are included or extra. No surprise bills, please!
  • Number of Spots: Make sure there are enough spots to avoid the parking scramble. We’re trying to make that morning commute easier, not add to the pain!
  • Ease of Access: The closer and easier the parking, the better. Think quick in, quick out.

How Parking Enhances the Coworking Experience

If you have a car, you’ll be no stranger to the struggle of finding parking in London. It can be one of the most frustrating things! Parking perks make coworking even more exciting then.

It’s no surprise that communities using coworking spaces that offer on-site parking have raved about the inclusion of this amenity and how its made that commute on a rainy Monday morning just *that* much more enjoyable. And that’s without the hot cup of coffee and beautiful interiors waiting for you!

There’s also something to say about the satisfaction of employers/employees when the ability to find a parking space isn’t made impossible. This can lead to a spike in productivity, especially as your morning hasn’t been taken over with road rage or commuter aggression (perhaps this is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the gist!) That seamless drive into work, an open parking space waiting for you, and the knowledge that your car will be there at the end of the day, now that’s how to start your week off on the right foot (or pedal).

In the end, choosing a coworking space with ample parking is a no-brainer. It cuts down on commute stress, saves you time, and gives you the freedom to move as you please. So, if you’re ready to elevate your coworking experience, these parking-equipped spaces are calling your name. Park, work, and conquer the day – all with a smile on your face. No need to thank us, we just enjoy having your back. As simple as that!