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You've come to the right place. We love to help our clients find and book gorgeous co-working spaces that will uplift, give great energy and super-charge your time with your team and business partners. With FlowSpace, you can book a hot desk, a meeting room or an office for a day.

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✔️ Only lovely FlowSpace vetted spaces

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✔️ We actually give a sh*t - so just tell us if you need some help 🙏

Browse and book

✔️ Only lovely FlowSpace vetted spaces

✔️ Book by the hour or the day

✔️ We actually give a sh*t - so just tell us if you need some help 🙏


''We needed a meeting room at a short notice. FlowSpace helped us find the perfect space and had everything all set up for us. The customer service is AMAZING!''


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''They are experts on the London workspace market and help companies like Pleo with everything from hybrid workspaces to offsites.''



''Really enjoy using FlowSpace across London to find great co-working spaces in different areas. The platform is also easy to use.''



''Highly recommended! Always great to work from a fresh location that's close to home and found some really great spots with Flowspace.''



Unleash Your Productivity with FlowSpace in London Bridge

Work as we know it has transformed. Today’s professionals, from budding entrepreneurs to seasoned business owners, seek hybrid workspace solutions for their teams, and flexible and dynamic work environments that inspire innovation and creativity. Say hello to FlowSpace, the gateway to a brighter work life. Our mission is clear and powerful: to revolutionise workspaces and provide you with access to the ideal work environment when and where you need it.

London Bridge: The Epicentre of The City

Nestled in the heart of London, the London Bridge area is a vibrant hub of innovation and inspiration. It’s where historic charm meets modernity, and where creativity flourishes. From the London Bridge station it’s easy to access spaces on both sides of the river – namely, the financial district The City is just across the river, easily accessible via the London Bridge itself. To cater to the diverse needs of professionals in this dynamic district, FlowSpace has teamed up with some of the area’s finest coworking spaces, including TOG (The Office Group), Runway East, Landmark, Work.Life, to name a few.

TOG: Where Innovation Meets Workspace

TOG is your answer if you’re in search of a workspace that effortlessly combines innovation and design. With FlowSpace, booking a desk, meeting room, or a private office here is a walk in the park. You’re not just securing a workspace; you’re immersing yourself in a culture of creativity and collaboration. TOG offers a range of choices to ensure your workspace aligns with your professional needs and aspirations.

Runway East: Take Flight with Creativity

For entrepreneurs and startups in the London Bridge area, Runway East is a paradise for innovation and collaboration. With FlowSpace, booking a workspace here is like entering a realm of limitless potential. It’s more than just a workspace; it’s a community that fuels your entrepreneurial spirit. Runway East is where your ideas take flight, and with FlowSpace, it’s all within reach.

Landmark: Make a Statement

At times, your workspace needs to make a statement, and that’s where Landmark excels. Landmark’s prestige is unmatched, and with FlowSpace, you have the key to a meeting room or private office that reflects your business’s stature. London Bridge’s business landscape meets its match at Landmark, where booking a workspace is seamless, and making an impact is inevitable.

Work.Life: The Intersection of Work and Life

For those who crave a workspace that perfectly balances work and life, Work.Life is the solution. Booking a desk, meeting room, or private office here through FlowSpace is as easy as the seamless blend of professional and personal life that Work.Life offers. Your workspace should adapt to your needs, and with Work.Life and FlowSpace, it’s exactly what you get.

Our Mission: A Brighter Future of Work

FlowSpace’s mission is to reshape the world of work, adapting it to our ever-changing needs. In an era where our relationship with work is experiencing a once-in-a-generation transformation, we believe that workspaces should be accessible where and when you need them. Our founding team is dedicated to turning this vision into reality. We’re not just a workspace booking platform; we’re the architects of a brighter future of work.

Booking Made Effortless

Booking a workspace through FlowSpace is as effortless as grabbing your morning coffee. You can easily reserve a desk, meeting room, or private office through the FlowSpace app, and there’s no need for a subscription. However, if you choose to subscribe, it’s a straightforward process. The more credits you purchase, the more you save, making FlowSpace a cost-effective choice for professionals and businesses. You can also see all your and your team’s booking information on one dashboard which makes it easy to track your expenses.

The London Bridge Experience

London Bridge is more than just a place to work. It’s a neighbourhood that offers a rich blend of history and contemporary culture. With excellent transport links via London Bridge Station and nearby tube stations, you’re well-connected to the rest of London. The neighbourhood features a plethora of cultural attractions, including the iconic Shard and the lively Borough Market, which is full of food stalls, great restaurants and bustling pubs, perfect for a team lunch or afterwork drinks.

In Conclusion

FlowSpace is your portal to the future of work in the London Bridge area. We’re not just changing the way you book workspaces; we’re transforming your entire workspace experience. Our platform, combined with our esteemed partners like TOG, Runway East, Landmark, and Work.Life, ensures that you have access to the best workspace solutions, with the flexibility, affordability, and convenience you deserve.

Whether you’re part of a tech company, a forward-thinking business leader, or a startup ready to shake up the market, FlowSpace is here to meet your workspace needs. Book your next workspace in London Bridge with us and embark on this exciting journey together.

In a world that’s constantly evolving, your workspace should evolve with it. Join FlowSpace and be a part of the future of work. Your brighter, more flexible work life awaits.

Browse and book

✔️ Only lovely FlowSpace vetted spaces

✔️ Book by the hour or the day

✔️ We actually give a sh*t - so just tell us if you need some help 🙏