Learn how our credit system works

FlowSpace can be used by everyone, but FlowSpace is created for hybrid teams who book workspaces regularly. We use a credit-based booking system in order to create the best user experience, so everyone in your team can equally enjoy using FlowSpace.

What are FlowSpace credits?

Credits allow you to book desks or meeting rooms at thousands of workspaces. You divvy out credits to your teammates to ensure they can book whenever they want, while you keep your company budget managed centrally.

How credits work

Teammates use their credits to make bookings. The amount of credits needed to make bookings varies by quality of space, location, size of the meeting room and popularity. You can purchase any amount of credits in the platform at any time – you decide what’s best for you.

The maximum credit value is £3 + VAT, and it goes down when you purchase 100 credits or more.

You’re always in control

You can set credit caps (limits) for each team member. And when they are running out they can simply  request more. Credits roll-over into the next month (or billing cycle) so you don’t have to worry about using them up in the same cycle.

Save money when you use FlowSpace regularly

The larger the amount of FlowSpace credits you buy, the better the rate you unlock. You also get access to special promotions inside the platform to save money and explore new spaces.

Do I have to subscribe?

No, our payment options are specifically designed with flexibility in mind. You can choose from our monthly plans; pay as you go or create a custom plan perfectly fitting your team.