The Balance Between Life and Work isn’t a Myth, it Exists.

September 21, 2021 / date
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Who am I and what do I do for FlowSpace?

My names Amber, and I’m lucky enough to be a part of the FlowSpace team. We are all new to the hyper flexible work world. My main role at FlowSpace is finding new co working spaces for us to go to and explore! It’s one of the best parts of my job. Meeting new people, seeing new workspaces and finding out what we can do to make the work week more flexible around you is incredibly rewarding, especially when we hear how your work week went and what co-working spaces are your favourites. 

Where do I start?

A week in the flexible work world can look different for all of us. It depends on what our needs and goals are and what type of environment we need to get the work done. Imagine this, instead of looking over the work rota, knowing already what your week would normally look like, you see a wide variety of different workspaces, catering to all your work needs, within 15 minutes of your home. 

This is what FlowSpace allows you to do. Our platform opens up a world of co-working spaces for you to work at. Whether it’s just for you to find your flow or a group work session with your team, where you catch up and work in a busy environment. It’s possible.

A week in a life of a FlowSpace-er

For me, making a plan is a good starting point. What co-working spaces I go to, depends on what type of work and environment I need to do. Do I have meetings that week? If so, what areas are the best to organize them in and what workspaces have the right environment for the meetings. If I’m working on collaborative work with my team, I’d pick a creative fuelled workspace that’s a 15 minute bike ride for us to commute to.

The balance between life and work isn’t a myth, it does exist and I’m here living it.

  • Monday – I take advantage of remote working. I love working with my team but sometimes a day by yourself at home is needed, especially when you need to focus. Networking is my crux, so when I need to focus and get to work, home is a good option. 
  • Tuesday – I visited one of our workspaces in Shoreditch called Protein Studios. Now based on where I live, Shoreditch is a commute but the environment there is incredible and I knew it would be a great booster after a Monday at home. It’s a creative environment where you can network your socks off, so if you’re feeling the need to be in a busy environment and meet new people, it’s the one for you. It has showers and bike storage so if you’re a fellow cyclist, its perfect. 
  • Wednesday – With the feedback we get from you, I like to dedicate one day a week, going out to areas that you’ve suggested and see if there are any co working spaces that we can put on the platform. Wednesday I was in central London, so needed a base to work from as well as be in the right spot to visit some workspaces. I chose X & Why which is in the heart of Midtown in Fulham. I booked 4 hours there to work from and get my tasks done and then went out checked out some workspaces. Exploring through the city was probably one of the main things I missed during lockdown. The areas that FlowSpace have is a great reminder as to why London is such a special city. 
  • Thursday – Meetings, meetings and more meetings. Some over zoom and some in person. On the app, you can see what spaces have private meetings rooms as well as what spaces have some phone booths for a bit of privacy if you get of making too much noise for other users working there. Homework in Putney is great for a day like this because they have a good blend of phone booths and meeting rooms, which means I could do everything I needed in one space.  
  • Friday – I like to wind down my week with working close to home. We have a co-working space which is a 15 minute cycle from home called The Bridge, its tucked away and super peaceful which is exactly what I need to knuckle down and finish the week off on a high.

The work/life balance

Trying to have a positive mindset for the week is hugely important. I’ve always been a huge advocate for the flexible working, and it makes me happy that its being embraced. As I’m writing this, I’m at Homework in Southfields, surrounded by my team, working hard and this is what the work life balance is, a 15 minute cycle to work, having a coffee and then knuckling down to work. FlowSpace opens the door to this environment and I’m incredibly excited for you and your team to experience this!