Efficient Work, Flexible Hours: Unleashing Productivity in the Part-Time Office Environment

January 16, 2024 / date
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In the past few years, work life has changed drastically. One thing is clear: if you want a successful company, you need to make a healthy workplace environment. It makes a big difference between a job that one needs to do and what one wants to do. Success is largely dependent on a happy workplace – and it’s not only what kind of work you do but also where you do it. 

Efficiency isn’t confined to the typical office environment, as proven by the growth of remote work in the last few years. As office work has its pros and cons, so does remote work. That is why to balance work and life: the part-time office setting is the best option. This creative idea offers a solution that meets the many demands of the modern workforce along with the advantages of remote working with the responsiveness of a physical workplace.

If you’re not aware of how this part-time office could benefit your team, you need to scroll your cursor down to read further. 

What is a Part-Time office?

A part-time office is a private space for your team that you could rent out for 1-3 days a week. Usually the private space is set in a coworking space, which is a fully serviced office. In these friendly surroundings, various organizations share a particular workspace for their staff, which is a cheaper alternative to renting out a whole commercial space. 

What are the pros of flexible office spaces?

Such workspaces provide companies with the ability to easily grow. These offices offer a total solution that frees businesses from the burden of handling office logistics, as they come completely furnished and managed.

Following are some of the benefits of choosing a part-time place for your office rather than leasing an office long-term.

  1. Cut off unwanted expenses – why pay for the space you don’t use?

    In a post-covid world we have witnessed teams never going back to 5-day-a-week office grind. People come in for on average 2 days a week – so why for the space your team don’t use? 

  1. Enjoy all-included fully serviced office benefits

    When leasing unserviced office space, expenses include more than just the IT infrastructure—you also need to budget for furnishings, coffee machine upkeep or office admin. Hiring a temporary workplace additionally assists in minimizing these unnecessary expenses. Businesses are no longer concerned about these upkeep expenditures after moving into a serviced flexible workspace. 

  1. Unlock on-demand meeting spaces to fit your changing business needs

One of the potential drawbacks of going part-time with your office is the occasional need to meet up on the day you don’t have access to the office. We have thought about that – you can book desks and meeting rooms and pay-as-you-go on the days you don’t have access to your part-time office.

Finding and booking great meeting rooms is not always easy, and that is where coworking spaces come to the rescue. You can book a meeting room rental as per your location and the kind of space you are looking for to impress your clients or to have a serious conversation.

The part-time office setting is a prime example of this cultural modification. You can hire the best workspaces in London that are designed with this flexibility in mind. FlowSpace provides individuals and companies looking for the ideal combination of having an exclusive working environment and having the flexibility to choose their work hours with part-time office spaces that are wisely placed across London. Professionals can book our workplace for the days when they need it, making sure that it perfectly fits their particular set of needs. Ping us today, to know more about us.