Discover the Best Dog-friendly Coworking Spaces in London

May 30, 2024 / date
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There’s definitely something about a dog-friendly office. Walking in with your four-legged friend, ready to make everyone’s day (because, how could anyone not be happy when a floof enters?!) You know we’re right. So it’s no surprise that dog-friendly workspaces in London have become more than a trend, but rather a way of life. 

In all seriousness though, coworking spaces with pet-friendly policies are changing the way employees feel about work. When it comes to making that rush hour commute, you know it’s going to be 100x better if you have your dog with you or, equally, if you know you’re heading to a space where dogs are as welcome as CEOs. Now that’s the kind of place we want to immerse ourselves in. There’s no greater work-life balance than a working space with unconditional-loving dogs. If you agree, then keep reading to discover the best dog-friendly coworking spaces in London!

First thing’s first, the benefits.

There’s something to say about the lower stress-levels and overall well-being of people who enjoy the company of furry friends throughout the work day. The obvious benefits include happiness from said dog, encouraging exercise and breaks throughout the day with quick walks outside, and increased human interaction. More likely than not, when bringing a dog into the office, you’re going to attract some people. That means not only lots of love for your dog but also some good old banter between you and colleagues. If you ever needed a talking point or conversation starter, bring your dog to work or approach the person who has brought theirs! Either one will do!

It’s obvious that dogs bring about a sense of peace and when brought to an office, that’s definitely felt – most people tend to relax more, become playful when interacting with the dog, and perhaps even enjoy meetings more when there’s a dog present. Overall workplace satisfaction is known to have increased as people become more engaged with one another; particularly important in a world with so much screen time.

What are the top dog-friendly coworking spaces in London?

  1. Second Home Spitalfields

Second Home, the name says it all! What’s better than a coworking space that boasts the comfort and class you like to enjoy at home? Well, how about a comfortable and classy coworking space that welcomes dogs? Noooow we’re talking!

This gorgeous oasis is home to so many plants, your dog might just think he (or she) has wandered into the jungle (in the most brilliant way possible). With an open-plan design, private meeting rooms, or shared desks, you’ll be able to produce your best work yet in an environment that encourages community and well-being. All with the company of your furry friend alongside you!

Not to mention, the beautiful rooftop where you (and your dog, duh) will be able to breathe in some fresh air and, you know, collaborate on things such as dog treats. Just saying.

Finally, with weekly community events, which your dog is obviously invited to, it’ll really feel like your second home. High paw!

  1. Work.Life Fitzrovia

If you’re looking for a coworking space that oozes style and sophistication, while also welcoming your fur child, then Work.Life Fitzrovia is for you. With a focus on being pet-friendly to enhance that work-life balance and employee well-being, Work.Life Fitzroiva knows a little something about the importance of dogs in the office!

Enjoy frequent post-work socials (and show off your dog at the same time) or step into a private meeting room with your team, where your dog can enjoy the leisurely benefits of dog-life, without much interrupting from anyone else in the building. It really is a dog’s life! The speedy internet and unlimited tea/coffee truly makes Work.Life Fitzroiva a place to spend your working days, while feeling inspired and motivated. Not to mention, in close proximity to your bestie – aka dog.

  1. HomeWork Wandsworth

Maybe your dog never ate your homework growing up, but your current dog can now accompany you to HomeWork 😉 A super dog-friendly coworking space with the convenience of Wandsworth High Street right there. Their relaxed cafe-style offices are perfect for your furry friend to come along with for the day and to bring some positivity to everyone else there.

With desks, meeting rooms, phone booths, and a communal area available, there’s many options for you and your dog to crack down on the nitty gritty, while enjoying the speciality coffee on offer as well (maybe leave your dog out of that one).

  1. Huckletree Liverpool Street

A prime location for many, Huckletree Liverpool Street just comes further up our list with their dog-friendly policies.

Bring your dog along to this gorgeous coworking space in the financial hub of London, full of meeting rooms, event spaces, and even a wellness space for members. 

Whether you’re looking for a desk for yourself or a space for your team, Huckletree Liverpool Street can provide the goods. Simply make that commute (with your fur baby) and come along for a day of good work and many a pat for your dog. Undoubtedly.

What makes a coworking space truly dog-friendly?

If you’re searching for dog-friendly coworking spaces, it’s more than likely that your dog is basically a part of your family, and we love that! So there are probably features you’re particularly curious about when it comes to bringing your dog to the office.

A big one is outdoor access. Depending on how trained your dog is, the number of times he/she will have to venture outside will vary, but it’s important to make note of the availability of outdoor space wherever you’re going. Depending on your coworking space needs as well, you could be situated in a room that’s closer to the entrance for a fast getaway! Or potentially, closer to the top floor so you can reach the rooftop if there is one. 

It’s also worth noting each location’s specific policies on pets on the furniture, as this can vary. For the most part, pet-friendly places are usually quite relaxed (it’s hard not to be when greeted by floofy doggos on the regular!)

You’ll also know you’ve found a top spot when your dog is offered a tasty treat before you’ve even mentioned your booking. This is the kind of treatment we’re going for, are we right or are we right?

Community and networking for pet owners.

Dog-lovers are without a doubt a community on their own. There’s a special type of bond that forms between dog-lovers and that’s just the way it is. So it makes sense then that dog-friendly coworking spaces would be the perfect opportunity for community-building and networking. 

You’re already aware of a mutual interest when you’re both seen followed around by a furry shadow. This definitely makes an easy conversation starter, which can then lead to even great opportunities within business. Whether that’s opportunities around collaboration or simply brainstorming ideas and learning from each other. Dogs clearly offer more than just love.

Another thing to be aware of is the potential for networking through dog-friendly coworking spaces which might host pet-focused events. It’s one way to bring everyone together around a shared interest, especially if all the dogs are present too! The presence of dogs naturally eases nerves as it’s an easy conversation-starter and something that most people love. 

Dog-friend coworking spaces FAQs.

As with everything in life, sometimes you have to think about the boring stuff to make the most of the fun stuff. In this instance, different coworking spaces might have a few different rules when it comes to doggy visits. You might have to communicate ahead of time that you’re bringing your dog, as well as check in regarding their pet facilities and features (like dog beds and water bowls).

It goes without saying, making sure to clean up after your dog if any accidents happen (we’ve all been there) and keeping the coworking space tidy in general once you’ve finished your day.

It’s also important to remember that a coworking space, as comfortable as it may be, isn’t your home unfortunately, and there are other people there too. Ensuring your furry friend is well behaved and quiet is a must. 

Final thoughts.

A dog-friendly coworking space is an essential if you’re someone who loves to take your furry friend along with you on the work days and even if you’re just someone who loves dogs but doesn’t have your own. It’s a win-win then because you can enjoy the company of another’s dog without the cost! 😉

Seriously though, with using dog-friendly coworking spaces comes the opportunity to meet other pet owners and their dogs at work. Perhaps some ‘yappy hours’ post work could be in the cards too.

Businesses are realising more and more that dog-friendly spaces are not only a perk but an essential to employees’ happiness and work attitude. There’s a reason why they’re known as man’s best friend! Next time you’re searching for a coworking space, opt for a dog-friendly one. Dog-friendly coworking spaces in London are everywhere, you simply need to pick the one that’s best for you and your doggy.